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    Weekly Travel Photo: Union Soldiers playing Dixie at Gettysburg

    July 21, 2014


    This week’s travel photo comes from Gettysburg Pennsylvania, a place I hadn’t visited since I was in elementary school. After I returned to the US recently, an old friend offered to take me around the battlefield and the historical town and give me an in-depth history lesson.


    Why I suddenly returned to the US early after 8 months of travel.

    July 17, 2014


    Exploring the ruins of the Roman Forum

    July 8, 2014

    Photo Jul 07, 3 03 03 PM

    Photo Jul 07, 3 03 03 PM

    It had only been a couple of days since I had arrived in Rome and fulfilled a childhood dream, and even though I had been in the city for a relatively short period of time, I had already managed to get hopelessly lost in the Eternal City. After taking it easy that night, and doing some light exploring the next day, I figured it was time to get to know the history and the city a bit better.


    Fail Tale: Lost in Rome on Arrival

    June 27, 2014



    There I was, frumped down on a gum-covered curb, arched backward by the gravitational pull of my now encumbering backpack, with my tech bag (which weighs a hefty amount on its own) sagging down my chest and in between my spread out legs — not much unlike a fat and floppy baby.


    Weekly Travel Photo: Meeting an Octopus in Italy

    June 23, 2014


    On a recent blogger tour around Italy, we visited the island of Ponza, about two hours south of Rome and a three-hour ferry ride. While there, I had the chance to go scuba diving for the very first time and took along my GoPro to capture the moment. And one such moment was with this little octopus that we found under a rock at the sea-bed.