Pick a niche is some of the first advice any would be blogger hears. These days just having “travel” as a niche is no longer good enough. Readers crave relevant content which means connecting with a blogger who writes for them and represents them.

“Niching down” means not picking a broad niche like travel or solo female travel. It means going that wee bit further and delving a bit deeper into more specialised travel blog content. Often times it means picking two aspects of your personality or style of travel and mashing them together. You’re creating content based on your own experience traveling the world after all.


Here are some 9 interesting niches for travel blogs:


  • Culinary Travel – Culinary travel takes the travel to the foodies. An excellent niche that can capture both passionate foodies and travelers. Here’s a good example over at The Roaming Fork.
  • Family Travel – You travel, you have kids… why not write about it? The “travel with kids” niche is pretty huge so niching down even further to add a destination or style of travel is also smart. Flashpacker Family is a great example of family travel and packing niched together. Here’s an example of their content.
  • LGBT Travel – Nomadic Boys are an excellent example of a travel blog in the LGBT niche. They have lots of gay-friendly travel destination guides and interviews with other LGBT travelers. Here’s a good example.
  • Accessible Travel – Traveling with a disability is a widely underrepresented niche in travel blogs yet one where having info prior to a trip is so important. Smiths Holiday Road has niched down even further to include both family travel and accessible travel into one blog. Here’s an example of their niche content.
  • Travel for the 9-5er – This travel niche has sprung up as sort of an antidote to all the digital nomad blogs. Ways for people with a 9-5 job and limited vacation days is a top niche. Twirl the Globe is a great example of a travel blog in this niche.
  • Gluten Free Travel – Writing about travel & food is a common niche for both food and travel blogs but throwing gluten free or other food allergies into the mix is another way to niche down. Megan from Why Wait to See the World has done this successful on her blog. Here are some examples of her gluten free travel content.
  • Couples Travel – Think romantic travel guides, honeymooning, tips on traveling as a couple… Two Drifters covers the couples travel niche well. Here are some examples of their niche content.
  • Travel for People of Color – Another underrepresented demographic in the travel blogging community. There are some great blogs surfacing that focus on travel for people of color like The Blog Abroad. You can read some of her content here.
  • Travel + Fashion – While there are plenty of fashion bloggers out their that dabble in travel content, there are very few blogs that merge travel and fashion equally. Travel Fashion Girl is a great example. You can read their content here.

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