Today, more and more people are working from remotely. ┬áSpending way too much time hunched over the laptop, not enjoying your surrounds. Throw travel into the mix, trying delicious new foods, battling jetlag and way too many beers…. well that can be a disaster.

How can you not gain weight while working online? We have an answer to this question and the following tips will help you be in a good shape all the time. But often after working in such conditions, the clothes become tighter and extra kilos appear.


1. Schedule

Remote work requires a high level of self-organization. While working alone, you can skip lunchtime, which is fraught with overeating during dinner. That’s why you need to plan a schedule not only for tasks but also for breaks and meals.

It is necessary to monitor the bedtime. If there is no need to get up early in the morning the next day, it can make you sit in front of the monitor till the late night. Scientists have proven the link between lack of sleep and excess weight.


2. Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast, often referring to the lack of time in the morning. If you are working on the road, then you can always find time for breakfast. The best thing in the morning to eat a couple of boiled eggs, cheese, and toast.


3. Small portions

Working online, a person gets the opportunity to eat often, but small portions of the meal. This speeds up the metabolism and relieves heaviness in the stomach. To make it easier, you can use small plates and chew the food slowly. Thus, you can satisfy the hunger with a small amount of food.


4. Menu

A hungry man cannot control the process, and choose the food and its quantity. Therefore, you need to plan the menu for the next day. Cook in the morning portions for the whole day. This saves time and helps you avoid overeating.


5. Healthy food in fridge

It is difficult to resist the junk food, but you still need to buy healthy food, such as berries, fruits, and vegetables. For intellectual work vitamins and glucose are necessary. Vegetable oils and fried fish provide the body with essential fats, and building materials – brain cells. Wholegrain cereals and pasta from durum wheat will give satiety. Eggs and dairy products will improve memory. You also need to make a list, when going to the store to avoid unnecessary purchases.


6. Nutrition habits

It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, give up sugar and do not eat before going to bed. Nowadays, there are plenty of useful mobile applications that will remind you to drink water or to save a list of calories of the favorite products.


7. Eat only at the dinner table

You need to abandon the habit of eating in front of the monitor. Intently reading the news and munching a sandwich will not give a pleasure from food.


8. Do not lose control

Many people seize up a stress with food. Complex process or a phone call can ruin the balance. In anger, the food is almost tasteless, and the process of taking food is mechanical. Anger can be handled more efficiently if you close your eyes and just breathe in silence.


9. Sports

Working remotely, you can find time for the gym and pool. If there is no sports center, you can simply have a walk. As an option, you can do yoga at home. But here, you should also have the highest level of self-organization in order not to give up.


10. Enjoy

Hormones of happiness are not necessary to receive only from food. This can be an interesting hobby, spending time with friends, or visiting events.

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