Weekly Photo Mojo: A Thai man crafts bamboo rafts by the riverside in Pai, Thailand

February 17, 2014


This weeks photo mojo comes from Pai, Thailand. Under the shadow of the mountains near Memorial Bridge, a local Thai man crafted bamboo rafts by hand. I stood there on that old iron bridge over that trickling river watching this man wrap and tighten twine around massive bamboo shoots.


Weekly Photo Mojo: A Soldier walks down Memorial Bridge in Pai, Thailand

February 11, 2014


As I was exploring the outskirts of Pai, Thailand on motorbike we came to Memorial Bridge which spanned a shallow rippling river. There was a moment where I felt as though I had traveled back in time as a mock soldier in a vintage uniform, holding a sword, marched down the wooden planks. To add to the scene, at the end of a bridge a young man chatted with a woman in a flowing white dress and an old tricycle sat idle nearby.


The young Thai girl selling red balloons, and her unknown dreams

January 20, 2014


There she was, one small Thai girl holding 99 red balloons. Well, not 99, but quite a lot of balloons. I had just escaped out of the throngs of shoppers in the Chiang Mai Sunday walking street and shuffled, relieved to be free, into an intersection.


In Photos: Train through the mist covered Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

November 24, 2013



Sometimes traveling is like tumbling through a parallel plane on this planet. It baffles me at times. Befuddles me. But travel never ceases to surprise me all the while.

Looking out that train window on the fourth day of my journey, it seemed as though the train had passed through a worm-hole into a some far away Avalon.


Weekly Photo Mojo: Desolate Beauty in the Salton Sea.

November 11, 2013

Besides the hungry gulls squawking, an eery silence lays over Bombay Beach. Once a town, floods from the Colorado River submerged the area and only left remnants of a town that once was. The ground is crusted over by salt from the Salton Sea which has a salinity level higher than the entire Pacific Ocean combined.