An Immersive Panoramic Photo Bubble atop the temple of Angkor Wat

April 21, 2014

Nearly everyone in the world that I know of has seen some sort of photo of the famous 12th century temple complex known as Angkor Wat. The largest religious complex in the world, it is indeed a fascinating place to visit.


Songkran Chiang Mai: From Love to Loathe, and Why I got Sick and Tired of it

April 17, 2014



If you have never come across a photo, video, or article that looks like World War III has begun, but instead of warheads everyone is using water guns — then you may have never heard of Songkran.

And you are missing out.


Mis-adventures of travel: That time I was a stripper, sang karaoke in a whorehouse, got in a knife fight in Haiti, and more

April 2, 2014

fail sign

fail sign

There I was…staring at the gray lint from the inside of my pocket with a peppering of beach sand, a beer bottle cap,  and twenty New Zealand dollars  in my palm — my bank account had a dismal twenty-six U.S. dollars in it. Reality came over me like a mule hind-kicking me in the gonads, I had completely run out of money in a foreign country and my travel noob ass was just realizing it.


Weekly Photo Mojo: An Anonymous Thai Protester in a V For Vendetta Mask

March 24, 2014

Though I have no political affiliation to any country in the world, including my home country (I hate politics) the political protests in Thailand had overshadowed the media and my trip ever since I arrived in Thailand.


My Chaos Theory: How to Rebuild Your Life when Everything Seems Lost.

March 5, 2014


deliberation (1)

Chaos. Something got me thinking about chaos, specifically in our personal lives, and I wanted to talk about these times and how to transform chaos into motivation.