Of Olives and Grapes: Experiencing Il Fontanaro Organic Estate in Umbria.

October 8, 2014


The moment I stepped foot in the backyard of Il Fontanaro, I knew I was going to quite enjoy myself. Maybe it was Bob humming along as he cut the lawn, or maybe it was the pool beyond the hedges the overlooked the green gum-drop dotted hills around, or maybe it was the hammock swaying in the breeze (after all, hammocks make everything better). Maybe it was the drive through the valley that did it, or the old brown dogs that greeted us after passing by the family vegetable garden. Even under the grey washed sky it was a beautiful place set in the valley above Paciano, Umbria, and there was much to gawk at.


Weekly Photo Mojo: Fireflies light up the hillside in Umbria, Italy.

September 22, 2014


Video: Exploring Ancient Roman Caves around Ponza Island, Italy

August 29, 2014


I’m on a boat! Sorry, I had to. Just a couple of months ago I was cruising around Italy on the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean exploring one of the Pontine islands with the salty breeze whipping through my hair and the bright beaming sun above. Shades on, smile on. Need I say more? Yes, because those aren’t the best parts of boating around Isola di Ponza, or Ponza Island, in Italy.


Paradise in Italy: Staying at Frontone Beach Villa on Ponza Island

August 26, 2014



It’s not every day that you get to look out of your window and see the ruins of a 15th century palace. Or fortress. Or house of a wealthy family. Whatever it was atop that hill across from our villa on Isola di Ponza — that crumbling structure barely clinging to whatever historical moment in time it came from — it was a magical sight. Something out of one of my fantasies. I always dreamed of exploring ruins and castles as a young boy, but I had never thought I’d bee sleeping across from them.


Weekly Travel Photo: Il Trasimeno Lake in Umbria, Italy.

August 18, 2014


Long golden grass dancing on a gentle wind, bright yellow and purple wild-flowers peeking out of the hills, dark green-brushed mountains in the distance climbing out of the horizon and surrounding the turquoise lake shimmering under the summer sun.